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Thanks to Zoho Corp.

All of us would have heard this quote – A stitch in time saves nine; but here is someone who is living by it and showing to the world how we can live by!

That is none other than the popular  – ZOHO CORP.
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With the pandemic all around, where people are frightened to step out of their own homes; here is an organisation going out of way to help and facilitate NGOs in the nation! To give an example, here read from us how Zoho Corporation helped Manjal Vanam Life Charitable Trust!

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To begin with, the inspiring Podcast series on the Unsung heroes would have not been possible without the help of ZOHO MEETINGS. It was because of Zoho meetings that we were able to connect with lot of Covid19 heroes which enabled us to produce the podcasts, which in turn helped lots of donors, volunteers and common people; along with giving a pat on the back of existing NGOs. Zoho corporation provided all the meetings free of cost to ensure society benefits at large from this.

Moving on to the next aspect, there should be some limelight about Zoho Social. Zoho Social enabled us to reach out to the mass of society from one single point because it handles the entire social media access under one roof. Had it not been for zoho social, reaching out to such a large part of the community would have always been a dream.

Stay tuned with Manjalvanam Podcast

One more aspect of Zoho is the ZOHO CRM. Zoho CRM is one feature which enabled us to organise the donor and maintain a good rapport with them! Thanks to Zoho CRM that we were able to get lots of donor leads and have been able to serve our community in a more satisfying manner!

Actions speak louder than words! Here, is an epitome of that quote which has enabled NGOs like MVLCT to reach out to larger sections of the society and help them with the necessities. Do join us in thanking them! 

Also, all of you also have a choice to help others and be the positive ray of hope in someone else’s lives. This can be done by joining MVLCT as a volunteer or a donor by contributing whatever you can! 

Stay Home.. Stay safe..!


Manjalvanam Team 🙂

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