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Tamil Podcast with Unsung Heroes

We all have heard about Robin hood – who stole money from rich and brought it to the poor. He is one kind of hero, who is cherished globally. By virtue of his efforts, atleast he has got some recognition for his deeds; but there are many unsung heroes out in this huge world, who don’t get any recognition. We, in MVLCT, have taken efforts to give some limelight to these unsung heroes who have been working relentlessly, through our exclusive Podcasts.

All our podcasts have unsung heroes come and share with us about their experience in the respective fields where they chose to be a hero. All that it requires 20 to maximum 25 minutes of time in your day to listen to these podcasts and the minimum that we as listeners can do is to appreciate them, because they don’t expect anything else in return. 

In the first podcast, MVLCT brings to us an interview of Dr. Ganesh Puttu and has shown how simple attitudinal changes can bring lot of harmony and peace in life. The podcast begins with a discussion about healthy foods which one can consume and moves on to discuss about how one can maintain healthy skin followed by healthy mind. 

If you think, MVLCT focuses only on health aspects; No, this is just one of the aspects. In the very second podcast, they have interacted with Dr. Poongodi Bala to discuss about mental health, keeping in mind the current scenario of COVID 19. Dr. Poongodi Bala gives the listeners various tips on how can one remain positive amongst the calamity, the ways to manage anger and the efforts that can be taken in this direction. 

In the third podcast, MVLCT brings to the limelight – Mr. Srikanth from Set India foundation. He had begun this movement called Set India foundation during his college days and continues to serve people till date. The podcasts beautifully takes us through the challenges he underwent, the way he coped up with the challenges and the way they have been surviving through all troubles. The mission of this organisation is to see India as a developed nation. By developed, their ideas is to ensure that basic needs of all Indian – education, health and environment needs to be fulfilled apart from reducing gap between urban and rural India. Some of their Current projects are Youth Development program in rural areas; Setting up mobile science clinic, mobile library in rural areas; No to Tobacco program; apart from the helping people in crisis such as COVID 19, Vardha flood, etc.,

In the very next podcast, we bring to you all Sister Gracy who has been healing people with her kind words. Yes, you heard me right! This podcast brings to us a completely different dimension of how people are mentally suffering during COVID 19, and how Sister Gracy has been instrumental in making them feel better. She shares with us the mental agony of people and her solutions on how each one of us can maintain good mental health and be a source of positive energy to the other people. 

Fifth podcast is a very interesting one because the person with whom MVLCT discussed is someone who became aware of the global pandemic even before it affected India. While the government announced lockdown and the severity of COVID 19 only from 24th March, this person created a facebook group for global pandemic awareness as early as 26th January. He is Mr. Senthil Nayagam and this podcast brings to highlight how he came to know about this pndemic so early and how he has been instrumental in creating awareness about it

The recent podcast is yet another unique podcast with Mr. Gowtham from Namkadamai trust. As the name says, Mr Gowtham and his team has always thought helping people in the society is their responsibility and they didn’t step back even at the times of Global crisis like COVID 19. The trust believes they have helped COVID positive people before lockdown even without realising that they were tested positive. If before lockdown, without any precautionary measures we were able to help them; then why not help them with all the adequate precautionary measure! And their services are still continuing.

Have you ever felt a hero touch your life?


Have you ever wanted to touch and reform someone else’s life by becoming a hero?

Here is your chance – MVLCT gives you an opportunity for doing that!

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Stay safe! Stay indoors!

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