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Tamil podcast with Unsung heroes continued…

If your image of a hero is a person who can hit multiple people, and who can flawlessly woo a girl; I am sorry, my dear friend; have a glimpse at the heroes we portray to you through our podcasts who can win and rule multiple people’s hearts flawlessly by helping and reaching out to the needy! In the recent 6 podcasts, there has been diverse topics covered! If you check out each of them, I am sure you will be shellshocked with the amount of positive vibes you are going to experience after listening to them!

In the 7th podcast dated 17th May 2020, we have Mr Sijin, founder of Sports Management Research Institute share his objective of making India a superpower in sports and how one can imbibe disaster management skills through sports.

While the earlier podcast, revealed around sports, the very next podcast brings to light a completely different perspective about a person who despite serving as the professor has been vocal and instrumental in blood donation, Mr. G G Bala through “She Welfare Trust” in the small town – Oosalampatti in Madurai. He has done 20,000+ Blood donor support, 25+ Blood donation camps & 1000+ Job placements all just in span of 7 years and his services weren’t stopped even during the times of pandemic like this.

The 9th podcast, dated 20th May 2020 with Mr. Kamaraj, secretary of “Friends of Humanity Charitable Trust” shares with us how a team of friends decided to bring about a change in the school days and how well they have implemented it. The best part of this podcast is nearly 40+ kids have been able to study from school till getting their jobs and some have even turned as contributors to this trust. The success of a teacher depends on the success of a student and “Friends of Humanity” has proved it to us once again.

The next podcast dated 29th May with Dr. Aravind Gopal brings to light the struggles of an Indian doctor who is currently proudly fighting against COVID 19 in London and says his experience as an emergency expert from Chennai to London.

In the 11th podcast, we meet Mr Samuel Churchill, founder of Youth foundation talking about what propeeled him to start this organisation and gives his share of motivation to people.

The recent podcast is with Mr. Thilak Raj, founder of Sevai Karangal, Chennai sharing about how he has helped in adopting 25+ Villages, and how he has provided scholarships to 70+ Students apart from other Environmental services, Old Age homes Adoptions, etc

Oflate, the listenership of MVLCT has been crossing boundaries and the listenership has not just remained with India, but has increased in USA, UK and Dubai to a great extent and our heartfelt thanks to each one of you out there for the same! Also with immense pleasure, we share with you all that Manjal Vanam podcasts have been upgraded and can be seen in 3 different domains:
• Social seva – Interactions with Social service organisations and entrepreneurs
• Arogya Daan – Interview of people from the Health and Fitness fraternity
• Social stars- An effort to understand the unseen side of stars and celebrities

Have you ever felt a hero touch your life? Or Have you ever wanted to touch and reform someone else’s life by becoming a hero?

Here is your chance – MVLCT gives you an opportunity for doing that! For further details contact – +91 944582 1717

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