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Send Some HOPE

At an age when most teenagers are busy in social media doing random stuff without a vision in life, amidst all this two socially responsible friends Shashank and Sukrit Sumanth approached Manjalvanam Life charitable Trust (MVLCT) asking for an opportunity to work as part of the NGO. MVLCT received these pro-active youth volunteers with an interesting project.

It breaks our heart to say that orphan kids are deprived of even the basic necessities. One of these necessities is clothing. Imagine not having anything appropriate to wear on a daily basis.

how would you feel?

MVLCT geard up with a project to provide new daily wear clothes for 200 verified orphan kids. The value of one dress comes close to ₹420/- Per Dress (Four Hundred and Twenty Rupees) (Shirt 1 No. & Trousers 1 No.). 

Shashank and Sumanth are excited to raise funds for this project. These young boys are on a mission to see these 200 orphan kids with new daily wear. If each one of us can contribute some and make this mission a success, day after day the world is becoming a better place to live with generous people all around.

As little a step as donating money for these kids, you’ll be sending inspiration & hope and fulfilling some dreams! 

We anticipate helping 200 orphans by raising ₹84,000 (Eighty Four Thousand Rupees) in value by 30th May 2021. Let’s Help Shashank and Sumanth on their first project to improve the quality of life for an orphan today! 

You can sponsor even for a kid or in bulk.

Click the below link to send some hope to an orphan kid 

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