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Project KATHAADI – An Integrated Nature, Science, Maths, and Arts Experiential Learning Program for Children

Tribal communities in Tamil Nadu have distinct cultural identities and traditional practices. However, children from these communities often encounter challenges in accessing quality education and extracurricular activities. The situation is particularly difficult in Kalvarayan Hills (Eastern Ghats of South India), which has the lowest Human Development Index. Many children in this region are first-generation learners and face obstacles as their illiterate parents can provide only minimal support. Education takes a backseat due to poverty and the need to prioritize income generation. Student irregularity is prevalent due to child labour practices in farms and the migration of parents in search of better income opportunities.

In such circumstances, co-curricular activities play a crucial role in the holistic development of children, enabling them to build confidence, creativity, and social skills. To address the above-mentioned issues, Our team have formulated Project KATHAADI, an Integrated Nature, Science, Maths, and Arts Experiential Learning Program for Children to be implemented in Kalvarayan Hills.

Thank you Aram Porul foundation for helping us to implement this program, Trainer Abdul volunteered to facilitate this program on behalf of Manjal Vanam Life Charitable Trust for the entire Academic year from June 2023 to March 2024. Challenge arised in meeting the operational expenses for this project to purchase the materials involved for the program, basic support for travel and accommodation of the trainer.

Our honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi has encouraged youth involvement in various social initiatives, emphasizing the importance of community service in nation-building. Inspired by his words two students approached us for volunteering. Mokshita Reddy Kalakota – 12th grade student from Bangalore and Siddarth P – 11th grade student from Chennai.

We first asked them to help with formulating the co-curricular activities for these children through origami and other simpler models. They also helped the trainer and the entire team in several other activities for the project. Furthermore, these students reached out to their friends and relatives to gather monetary and operational support for this project.

These sessions are ongoing in Kalvarayan Hills every month since June 2023, focusing on engaging the students in the art of origami and introducing them to key concepts related to the universe’s creation and expansion.

The total strength of each session varied, with Seva School having 17 participants, Innadu GTR School having a total of 99 participants (35 in grade 7 and 64 in grade 8), and Danish Mission School having a total of 90 participants (44 in grade 7 and 46 in grade 8). A minimum of 200-230 students were benefited in each month.

During our first visit to these schools for Project KATHAADI on 23rd June 2023, the program received enthusiastic support from both staff and students. We had interactions with students and obtained insights about their educational backgrounds and interests. The students expressed a keen desire to learn English, Maths and storytelling among various other topics. The team developed the activities and schedule of the subsequent months based on their feedback.

The second visit was on 18th July 2023 – we engaged them with few origami activities and explained the scientific concepts about universe and The Big Bang. Stories about astronomers Edwin Hubble and Georges Lemaître got them excited. The photo from James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) made the students wonder more about the universe and its creation.The combination of hands-on origami activities and fascinating scientific stories helped them grasp complex concepts easily.

The subsequent month updates will be done here.

It costs INR 5000 / month to meet the basic operational expenses like purchasing the materials involved for the training, basic support for travel and accommodation of the trainer.
Requesting for monetary support for the same.

Calling out to the volunteers to help us in arranging the further sessions.

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