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MVLCT 3rd Year Anniversary

Manjal Vanam Life Charitable Trust has been in existence since 2019 and we focus on providing better lives for children with education, medical help, food, etc, and assisting the elderly with medical help, food, job, and financial aid. We recently celebrated our 3rd anniversary by giving away uniforms for the school students PUP SCHOOL, Singlikuppam Ellapuram Block Tiruvallur District Chennai. This event was graced by Mr. Sriprakash, a Cost accountant by profession and former President of Lions club (Tambaram), who also is a philanthropist and an active volunteer in many NGOs.
Our motto is to bridge unfulfilled desire, to bridge the giver and the taker, and to bridge the needy and the affluent. We have taken up many endeavors to keep up our motto – be it the book donation program conducted at Madurai (, Aarogo Dhaan program conducted at Adyar cancer institute ( and many more.
Our hunger to help others are constantly driven by our founding members, team, and supporters. We would like to thank them all at this juncture for making every event a successful one.

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