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Goto O2

Our country is facing the second wave of Covid19 with the number of cases increasing each day. Healthcare providers are running out of resources while fighting the world’s most tragic virus. Oxygen is critically needed by hospitals to treat patients.

Stories of patients dying devoid of oxygen and beds keep reaching our ears almost every day. When we fight against the virus, let us not fight for money, oxygen or beds in hospitals. MVLCT is all set to help the needy at no cost. Distribution is planned to be done as rapidly as possible to save maximum lives.

Project Goto O2 is the brainchild of one of the youngest champs of MVLCT – Shashank. He initiated this programme by coming forward and extending his hands towards raising funds for this project. 

The money you donate directly goes towards providing oxygen supply to someone who is really in need of it. Please Contribute and spread the word.
Every little bit helps.

Click the below link to send your contribution 

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