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Light it up!!!

Can there be anything more blissful and contented to witness than the eyes of a homeless child sparkle up with sudden joy when gifted with new clothes, a pair of slippers, and some sweets to enjoy during Diwali?

Not everyone in this world has the privilege to wear new clothes, burst crackers to the fullest, and have good food during the most celebrated festival – DIWALI. But is it fair to not celebrate Diwali due to the social or economic status of a family/child? When food and other basic amenities are in itself a problem for many, celebrating Diwali would always be a distant dream.

Diwali, from being a festival of gifts, is slowly shifting to a festival of excess. Every kid deserves to experience happiness. And for us, the fellow givers, happiness lies in sharing. Hence, we decided to give them happiness in the form of clothes, much-needed slippers, and sweets.

While we went to distribute our contributions to the ARK India Service Society, there were kids who started jumping seeing the new dresses, there were others who stayed in the corner of the room with a big smile on their face and there were kids who immediately ran to their rooms and wore the dresses. Seeing them dolled up and all happy is all that one can ever ask for a peaceful yet contented Diwali. A big salute to all those contributors who preferred gifting rather than getting for themselves. 

After all, Diwali’s are not just about lighting Diyas/Crackers, it is also about lighting and lifting others too !!!

One Response to “Light it up!!!

  • Dharani
    3 years ago

    பொங்கும் சிரிப்பினிலே எந்தன்
    கொங்குத் தமிழினிலே
    உன் மெய்யது சிலிர்த்திடவே
    என் கண்ணதை பரித்திடவே
    நெஞ்சம் குலைந்ததடி – கண்ணே
    நெடுநேரம் தொலைந்தேனடி
    சின்னஞ்சிறு அந்த குறுநகையினிலே…

    பொங்கும் கடலினிலே எந்தன்
    காந்தர்வ தமிழினிலே
    அகந்தை அழிந்திடவே – உன்
    மனமதை எற்கையிலே
    ஆணவம் அழிந்ததடி – பெண்ணே
    ஆசைப் பெருத்ததடி – உந்தன்
    சின்னஞ்சிறு அந்த குருநகையினிலே..

    பொங்கும் தமிழினிலே எந்தன்
    செந்தமிழ் மொழியினிலே
    பட்டாடை உடுத்திடவே – யந்த
    பட்டாசை வெடித்திடவே
    மனம் தடு மாறியதடி -தேனே
    கண்ணீர் ரது கசிந்ததடி
    சின்னஞ்சிறு குறுநகையினிலேயே……

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