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Books Donation Program

During November 2019 received a What App message from Mr.Balachandar, school teacher of Govt.High School, Sankaralingapuram, Madurai 625705, who has taken steps to set a library in the school where he is working to improve the reading habit of school children. Even though he has managed the initial steps, we wish to reach out to willing donors and hence, circulated a message to collect books for the school library.

Manjal Vanam immediately swung into action and collected around 300+ books from various sources within short span of time. The 1st load of books reached the school on 15 th December 2019, and received acknowledgement from Mr.Balachandar for the same.

Books sent from #MVLCT
Mr.Balachandar Presents the books on behalf of #MVLCT

Recently received video & photos from Mr.Balachandar that the books are already decorating the Library and started catching the craving young eyes of students.

Students with Donated Books…

We are very sure that there are lot more good souls are who willing to take part in this Paropakaaram, which we shall welcome whole heartedly. You may share your views and comments in this site and others means.

Donation Program Video and Wishes from Students

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  • Nithyasekaran v
    2 years ago

    Pl my daughter study in school +1. Sceince group…..i need to help guide for the subject physics/ chemistry/ biology

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