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Aarogya Dhaan for Adyar Cancer Institute.

Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles. Yes, Childhood cancer is truly a stressful experience. Meeting the supposed to be the energetic bunch roaming around with all charisma with interveinal injections and masks is heart hitting.

During Aaroga Dhaan Program @ Adyar Cancer Institute

It all started when we came to know that there is an exclusive pediatric oncology section in the Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai which sees 250 new patients every year and more than 4000 childhood cancer patients on follow-up.

A baby boy/girl staying away from home missing their daily routine experiencing painful interventions is not all that they deserve. Here is the team of Manjal Vaanam Life Charitable Trust who really wanted to put a smile on the faces of these cute little buds. Executing this as one of the first few projects was not all easy.

Starting from getting permissions for walking into the most critically monitored unit of the institute to making our best efforts to make them happy. There are always people who propose ideas and implement nothing. But our founding Trustee Mr. Jayendra Natraj stands on the other side. This project was the brainchild of this member. Kudos to all his efforts starting from the arrangements till the final hearing. 

The members at Manjal Vanam Life Charitable Trust decided to make them happy keeping in mind their health and dietary practices. The kit we provided consisted of a drawing book, few color pencils, stationary essentials like scales, pencils, eraser and a pen,a box of threptin biscuits.

With Matron Ms. Janaki & MVLCT Team

Never should we forget about the sweetest SPOC at Adyar Cancer Institute, Matron Janaki. From the day we met her with a permission letter till the day when we distributed the kits, madam Janaki was always with us and explained us about a lot of things – from the structure of the hospital, the number of patients till her life history.

She keeps encouraging us by stating how this contribution of us has made a child happy and overwhelmed. This keeps the thrive in us to find and fund more.

Donation & Appeal Video

If you feel the same, Join with us. We can make your charitable experience cherishable..

We are planning to extend our support to cancer affected children this year. Do support.

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